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The Own Your Identity IPSAT session is designed to help you discover, optimize, and unleash all the resources and giftedness God put inside you. And empower you to start owning your design and using it for God's purposes!


I'm All in!

My 1:1 coaching journeys are designed for women ready to gain traction and momentum toward all God's purposes and plans in this season! Women who want to own their identity as daughters of God, claim their confidence, walk fully in God's design and giftedness, and take steps towards God's purposes in this season!
 Our journeys invite God's transformation at the heart, soul, and mind level. 

1:1 coaching

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Confidence Collectives is my group coaching program designed to help you achieve your goals through private and group coaching + a Christ centered community! Gain encouragement, accountability, and support to pursue God's purposes and plans in this season! Embrace clarity and confidence as you learn how to connect with your calling and leverage your unique design  toward your goals! 

GROUP coaching

— April Wingfield; Coaching Journey Client

 "Erin was thoughtful, kind, and patient while holding me accountable to my goals. She asked questions that helped me discover the deeper causes of the roadblocks I was facing. I would recommend coaching with Erin to anyone who is ready to grow personally and professionally."

—Gail Madill; Coaching Journey

"I have enjoyed working with Erin. I came wanting specific direction and guidance and found the Lord had so much more in store for my growth and journey. Erin listened well and spoke God's truth when I had on my "shame" goggles and couldn't see His truth."

—Lindsey French; Coaching Journey Client

"Erin has found her calling in life-coaching. I’m thankful for our time together and have already experienced God’s goodness in the steps she has shown me."     

—Laura Harrell; Own Your Identity IPSAT Client

" I'm so eager to take what I've learned and start walking in healthier patterns for the benefit of family, the body of Christ, and my own flourishing!"

—Emily ; Own Your Identity IPSAT Client

"I really benefited from the way the IPSAT connected dots and patterns to help me start thinking about how all my personality, strengths, skills, spiritual gifts, and passions work together."

—Katie H. ; Own Your Identity IPSAT Client

"I highly recommend the Own Your Identity IPSAT Coaching session with Erin. She was so attentive and asked very thorough questions to help me process my results for my IPSAT assessment."

—Allison. ; Own Your Identity IPSAT Client

"I love how much Erin makes herself available for other women to receive the truth the Lord has for them. If you go into this with even the faith of a mustard seed, the Lord will give you an overflow through your willingness to step into the IPSAT process."


5 stars all around


Whether you are stuck in burn out, busyness, or brokenness, God desires to give you breakthrough and birth healthy confidence!

I am here to help claim your confidence, own your identity, & walk freely in your design! Because when you do, you make a lasting DIFFERENCE for yourself, your faith, your family, your friends, and your future! 

The good news is that baby steps birth breakthrough! And my job as your coach is to help you take steps towards God's purposes and growth in your life!

I am passionate about helping women  restore their God identity and claim their confidence in Him. I love helping women heal, maximize their potential, and live confidently in their core identity as daughters of God. 

I am a Certified Life & Growth Coach through LifeForming Leadership and Christian Coaching School. And I am IPSAT Certified.

I am ready to help you break free from the hurts, hang-ups, and unhealth holding you back! I want to partner with you to draw out all the potential and purposes God has placed inside of you! God desires transformation for you at the heart, soul, & mind level! 

As a mom of 4, former hustler, recovering idealist, and people pleaser, I know how hard it is to stay connected to your identity as a daughter of God! My life was constantly focused on false identities which made me run after unhealthy goals. True confidence comes from embracing our identity as daughters of God and using our God given design to pursue His calling!

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Jeremiah 17: 7

"But blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in him."

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